Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mango Sorbet

For breakfast this morning I'm sipping on one of my favorite concoctions: mango sorbet. It's so easy. Toss some frozen mango in the blender along with some coconut water and blend to a smooth consistency. So refreshing and delicious! (Sorry for the terrible Photo Booth photo.)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Cleanse

It's time to begin the cleanse I talked about in a previous post. I have been eating well lately, so I'm not going to spend long on the pre-cleanse elimination diet. I'll do that today and begin the 21-day cleanse tomorrow! The main format is two liquid meals a day: breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is a blended smoothie, and dinner is a juice. You eat solid food for lunch. I was skeptical about the program when I first heard about it. I never jumped on the juicing bandwagon because juice is not a whole food, but the reasoning in the book makes lots of sense, so I'm embracing it fully. I'm very excited to see how this goes. Below is the list of yes and no foods for those of you who are curious. And again, I would recommend reading the book for a full explanation of everything. It makes a LOT of sense. Stay tuned for updates!