Hello there. Welcome to Ear to the Earth. I'm Lizzie, the author of this blog.

I'm a wife to the most wonderful man in the world and momma to a sweet wee one!

I am a Vintage Remedies certified Family Herbalist and currently studying to receive my Clinical Master Herbalist certification. The Vintage Remedies philosophy is that the body was designed to benefit from fresh, real, whole foods and when provided with clean air, pure water and nutrient dense foods, the body is capable of achieving wellness. I write a lot about natural living on this blog, sharing recipes, information, and resources with you, my readers, as I discover them too.

I'm also interested in yoga, local and whole foods, handmade and reusable things, psychology, DIY projects, travel, the Bible, learning, nature, fair trade, biointensive gardening, heirloom plants, hiking and camping, making my own clothes, and pretty much everything else I come across!

Thanks for visiting Ear to the Earth! I hope you learn from and are challenged by what you read here!

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