Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Amateur Green Smoothie

Have you jumped onto the green smoothie bandwagon yet? I've tried before but was unsuccessful for two reasons. 1. I didn't have a good enough blender to get the greens completely pulverized. 2. I shamefully admit that I just didn't like them that much. What respectable eater of a mostly whole foods plant based diet doesn't like green smoothies? I was ashamed of myself! Well I can now say with relief that I've joined the green smoothie club with my beginner's recipe I recently came up with, and now I'll share it with you so you can join the club as well. It seems that most people do green smoothies for breakfast, but I've found that I love them as an afternoon snack. You know that time around two or three in the afternoon when you hit an energy slump and crave sugar? This will provide you with enough sweetness to satisfy that craving and give you real energy to make it through the rest of your day!

The Amateur Green Smoothie
1 frozen banana
Handful frozen pineapple
Handful spinach
Coconut water

This is obviously just a simple base that can be added to and/or adapted. I hope you try it, love it, feel great, and begin incorporating green smoothies into your diet every day!


Caroline said...

I am a green smoothie fan! I also sneak a handful of spinach into all kinds of smoothies. Yesterday morning I did a mango/banana/coconut milk smoothie & shoved in some spinach. It almost gives it a little bit more a sweet flavor. (you can't taste the "greens" part)

Sharon Telschow said...

I'm so glad you are revisiting the green smoothie. Having a blender to properly do the job is super important. I drink the same smoothie as Caroline almost every day. Spinach is super delicious in smoothies. I know there is the whole rotating greens thing but I really love my smoothies with a base of a blender full of spinach and it is kind of disappointing when it is anything else.

Maggard said...

Raspberries and spinach make a super combo too!

Inna said...

Green smoothies are so good! I recently had one with blueberries, apples, oranges and strawberries. Mmm. :)