Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello March!

How is it March 9 already? There is so much life to live every single day that the weeks and months just fly by! I'm really not sure what happened to February, or even what happened in February, but March is full of the promise of spring. It has been absolutely beautiful here. Temperatures in the mid-60s to high 70s and bright blue sunny skies. It's open windows kind of weather - my favorite. The azaleas are already starting to bloom, and I am behind in getting my gardens going at my two friends' houses! But more on that later; I should wrap up with things left undone from other posts . . .

I left off in the last post talking about bread, and on Sunday I successfully baked my first batch of whole wheat sourdough bread! It has great flavor, but the loaf is too dense and didn't rise enough. Not bad for my first loaf ever though. My favorite way to eat it so far is with a little honey drizzled on top. (I get the most amazing raw and local honey from some friends of mine. It's completely raw and unfiltered. Sooooo good.) I still feel pretty lost working with a starter and kneading the dough and just the whole process, so I got Nancy Silverton's Breads from the La Brea Bakery to assist me in this new bread making venture.
Let me tell you, Ms Silverton loves her bread, and you will too if you read this book. I'm going to try another loaf soon with some things I've already learned from the book, so expect more updates. If I ever figure our what's wrong with my camera you can expect some pictures too.

I also finished my review of the YU Test Drive™! The eBook is out now, and I seriously can't recommend it highly enough. (Some of my quotes from my review are on the YumUniverse blog!) Every single recipe was outstanding and I couldn't stop eating all the amazing food I was making. (Although that's not very shocking though to those of you who know me well.) It's only $13.95 and totally worth it in my opinion. As amazing as the Test Drive was, the reason I'm most excited about being a part of it and want everyone I know to buy it is that Heather Crosby, the founder of YumUniverse, is super cool. She is encouraging, positive, and enthusiastic about what she does, and I like to support people like that! I really enjoyed all of my interactions with her as I was testing the Test Drive.

Well, poor Clint isn't feeling well after I was sick-ish for 2.5 weeks and passed it on to him, and after working himself almost to death on this amazing video. He is so talented and amazing, and I'm so proud of the great work he does! Seriously watch it. It's well worth your time.


Sharon Telschow said...

Your bread sounds amazing...I demand that you bring some to the gathering!

Maggard said...

How'd you snag that book review?!??! And yes, bring the bread, baby! And the bacon... ;)