Friday, June 17, 2011

Call for Entries

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. I've been exhausted and fuzzy brained the past ten weeks or so, thanks to Prune. And I haven't had much to discuss lately except for the prune, and I don't want to be one of those overly obsessed parents that has nothing to talk about other than her kids. But, I do need all of your help on that front. I need some name ideas! We like names that are unique but not too weird. (Although weird to me is much different than weird to Clint . . . He has probably vetoed half of my suggestions due to weirdness. Our kid will probably thank him one day.) I personally like names that are vintage and/or inspired by nature. Here's a sampling of some I might like so you know what I'm thinking. (These have not all been subjected to Clint's approval yet :)

For Girls: Iris, Viv (Vivian), Laurel, Ina, Lena, Sybil, Averie, Wren, Grey
For Boys: Leland, Asher, Warren Clinton, Linden, Sawyer, Phoenix, River, Winston
Middle: Lake, Day

Any ideas? Please do share!


Sharon Telschow said...

I'm loving these lists! Good names. I'm putting my vote in for Wren and Grey - though I could totally see you guys with a little Sybil and of course Vivian (just like you said...). Sawyer is a great name for a little boy. So southern. My naming tip would be this: read the newspaper. Check the births section because there will probably be seven hundred other kids with that name. A vintage yearbook may be of some inspiration to you.

Caroline said...

My faves from the list: Girl- Laurel; Boy- Sawyer.......I like all your "different" choices

Caroline said...

and I also like Sybil! (forgot to add that last time)

My October Sapphire said...

I love Viv, Wren and Asher! They're all really nice names though. And the #1 thing you will learn is that EVERYONE has an opinion. Sometimes you might not always want to know their opinions either. It's hard enough to come up with names that you and your husband can agree you're learning already. It's SO exciting though, and even if you decide following the birth, your choice will be perfect. I found this name blog & loved it. I love it best when the author weighs in, but it's nice that readers can too. Google "Swistle Baby Names Blog" and you'll find it! Are you finding out the gender? I totally see the appeal either way. I remember that we had a list for both genders until we found out. Once it was real that our BOY would have to have a suitable NAME we threw our list out the window and felt a new weight :) Best of luck! You guys will find common ground...or see a name in a different light.