Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Smidgeon of Creativity

The past week or so has brought about a tiny influx in my daily energy levels, and I can't express how entirely grateful I am about it! You know how you feel extra good after getting over an illness? Well, this first trimester has felt like a very long illness, so this tiny improvement has felt like new life! I have finally had a bit of creativity along with this new found energy, and I would like to share three small projects with you from this past week.

1. This one is a long time coming, but I have finally recovered the seat cushion of my granny chairs I blogged about here. This is what they look like currently. It's a big improvement, but I still want to paint them turquoise, the same color I painted my lamp table that I posted a picture of in that same previous post.

2. I got to bring home an awesome centerpiece from my sister's wedding. She had these branches in a smaller glass cylinder, but I moved them to a crystal vase that's been empty since we received it as a wedding present almost three years ago. Then I added tillandsia (air plants) to the branches! I love love love my air plants. I've wanted some for quite some time and finally found some closeout ones on etsy for about $1 each. They apparently have something wrong with them (that's why they were on closeout), but I think they're absolutely perfect. I still think it needs more color, but it's on its way to being something super cool.

3. My amazing, wise, kind, and generous mentor gave me a kindle on Sunday as a goodbye gift! I really still can't believe it even though I haven't let it out of my sight since then. Well, the first thing I did was make a cover for it! (I found a free tutorial online and modified it a tiny bit.) I used leftover fabric from the first dress I made, a scrap of fabric I cut from a decorative pillowcase I was never going to use, another random scrap, and a green hair tie. It still needs a button sewn on to hold it shut, and I have one picked out that I've had laying around for ages. I have to say that I love my homemade cover more than any other I could have purchased. I really enjoy sewing things, and I would do it much more often if I could get my hands on more fabric.

There are plenty more ideas rolling around in my head, but energy, time, and money force me to pace myself :)  I also want to wait for some of them till we've moved because it's frivolous to create even more things to transport and keep track of during a move. Over these next few weeks I'm going to try to channel my meager energy into clearing out so that we have less to move.


My October Sapphire said...

Love them all! I want to try new things like this :)

Maggard said...

LOOOOVE the Kindle cover! You are awesome. Seriously. And the chairs look fantastic. :)

Sharon Telschow said...

CUTE! Lizzard that is great. I'm loving your sewing skills. What a nice gift to have received.