Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Time is ticking away! Baby ________ is almost here and my anticipation is mounting daily, if not hourly! I've been frantically reading last-minute books, packing hospital bags, resting some each day, discussing middle names, spending time with Clint (he's off till spring semester!), and all in all just tying up loose ends. These are some of the results of all the activity.

This adorable cloud and raindrop mobile came straight from Maggy. She made one just like it and gave me all her leftover supplies. Now that it's up, I see that I need to add one or two more raindrops, but how cute is it?

I made that changing pad cover with leftover material from the curtains and a scrap of fabric Maggy gave me. Those little fabric baskets toward the corner hold all her diapers, and Clint installed the picture frame shelf my parents brought from my old bedroom which I can't wait to fill with photos of our baby girl.

I made this bunting out of a wool blanket I had and scrap fabric. I think it's so fun and celebratory!

There are a few more things I've made, but that's all I have photos of now. More coming soon!


Sharon Telschow said...

What a stinkin' lucky kid! You've whipped up such a cute room with the best handmade details. Keep on truckin' mama!

Melissa said...

Precious! Soon your little pea pod is going to be filling your home with so much LOVE!

Caroline said...

I can't believe its almost time. Everything looks great! I expected nothing less from you. Waiting with you in anticipation!