Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Move

Well friends, let me tell you, a LOT has been happening! I've very obviously alluded in previous posts that we are moving to the Athens area! Clint got hired as a film professor in the Communications Department of his undergraduate school, Emmanuel College, in Franklin Springs, GA. Here is a great article they wrote about him. He officially starts his new job on August 3, so we are moving three weeks from today! I literally could not be more excited.

This is where we're going to live. I still don't know if I really believe it. After all these years of apartment living, a whole house to ourselves. I'm so excited for our little peach to be born here.

And this is the part I'm most excited about - our backyard! Minus that broken down truck in our neighbor's backyard, it's perfect! I can't wait to plant a huge vegetable garden and another separate herb garden where I can grow all my own herbs for natural remedies. I also foresee a fire pit and lots of flowering landscaping :)

I'm also really looking forward to painting every square inch of wall space inside the house. I am so tired of white walls! There are a few rooms with wallpaper up now that our landlords are letting us remove, so we'll have no choice but to paint in those areas once the wallpaper is down. Shucks. And once the painting is started it would only make sense to continue it throughout the rest of the house!

In other news, I have been absent from the kitchen for quite some time now. I just haven't had the energy to make any food. This has not been good. In fact it's been very bad, not only on our grocery budget but also on our health! I knew I needed some fresh inspiration to get back in the kitchen, so, enter new kindle cookbook: Veganomicon. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't consume meat all that often, and this book came highly recommended by the same person who recommended to me what has become my all time favorite cookbook, Feeding the Whole Family. I haven't made anything out of Veganomicon yet, but it has made me literally laugh out loud. Who knew a cookbook could do that? Tomorrow I will be making Creole Stuffed Peppers, Hot Sauce-Glazed Tempeh, and Messy Rice. I will report back later on how it all turns out!

Well, I think that's enough for one post, although I have so much more to share. Until next time . . .


Becca said...

yay for a real house! and yay for veganomicon!

I love the chickpea cutlets.

let me know how your food turns out!

Caroline said...

You sound so happy and excited! I love it. You back yard is PerFECt!