Tuesday, April 19, 2011


That's the title of the book I'm reading now. Starting May 2, I'll be doing the 21 day cleanse outlined in the book. Until then, I'm devouring every word of it! It's very informational and very, very good. I'm excited to try the program and see how it works. I think some of my co-workers and possibly my mentor are going to do it as well. Anyone else want to join me? The more moral support the better!

Here is an excerpt from p. 60 to lure you in:
The problem of nutrient depletion starts at the beginning of the food chain. Plants are grown in soils that are depleted of minerals. Mass production of food leads to abuse of the land, and fertilizers do not deliver their promise. Vital foods, such as vegetables and fruits, are rendered nutritionally inert, because they are deficient in trace minerals that used to be abundant in rich, healthy soils. (Soil degradation is one of Earth's silent crises - it is only now beginning to get attention, but it is slowly harming the whole planet's food-cultivating ability.) The Vitamin A in tomatoes has gone down 43 percent in the last six decades; the Vitamin C in potatoes has decreased 57 percent. Unless you bought your vegetables and fruits at a farmers' market, they have most likely been harvested long before ripeness (depleting them of essential nutrients your cells need to do their chemistry), and unless you know otherwise, your produce almost definitely came from nutrient-depleted soils.

Does that scare anyone else? That's only one of many reasons why I want to grow my own food according to the biointensive method I wrote a tiny little bit about here.


My October Sapphire said...

Do you know what's in the "shake" that you have for breakfast & dinner? I'm breastfeeding so I needs tons of extra everything!

Lizzie said...

Brittany, I haven't gotten to the actual detox plan yet, but I think I remember reading that he doesn't recommend the program for pregnant or nursing moms. There may be more info about that on www.thecleanprogram.com though. I can be your guinea pig and then maybe when you're done breastfeeding you can decide if you want to do it!