Monday, April 4, 2011

Such is Life

There's always at least one thing in my life that's lagging behind. Don't you feel that way? If I'm eating well, exercising regularly, studying, and getting enough rest, my apartment is a pit. But if I have a clean apartment, am making it to yoga four times a week, and keeping up with Vintage Remedies, there is no food to be had. Such is life it seems. I just can't keep up with everything. And that doesn't even include all the "little side projects" I take on. Like the dress I made on Saturday! I made this dress:
in this fabric:
I don't know if it's cute or not, but I wore it to a wedding that day anyway. It definitely fits me differently than that photo, but I just can't decide about it. Someday I'll try to get a photo of it and have all two of you readers help me decide :)  Making the dress was super fun though (and way easier than I thought!), and I want to make more stuff! Short term list of things to make includes: legwarmers, wrap, meditation pillow, cupsie, undies (maybe?), and another dress. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Long term I would love to make all of our clothes! I think it would be so cool to make custom fit jeans for Clint and me.

The other "little side project" I've been occupied with is the garden I planted today at my friend Erin's house! A couple weeks ago we cleared the grass from a 100 square foot (5x20ft) planting area, and today I double dug it. (Well, most of it.) If you don't know what double digging is, you're missing out. Find out here. I basically moved 150 square feet of dirt around today, which was fun except for when my hands blistered, which wasn't all too terrible because I started planting soon after that, but then the sand gnats came out in full force and it was over. Savannah would be a nice place if it weren't for the sand gnats. I seriously look like I have chicken pox, and I ended up rubbing dirt all over myself in my attempts to keep them away. I looked like I had gotten into a mud fight, and I eventually just started shoving plants into the soil that I had so meticulously and painstakingly prepared because those sand gnats are enough to make anyone lose their mind! I managed to plant lavender, lemon balm, cucumber, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, green bell pepper, zucchini, basil, sage, beans, and possibly some other stuff I can't remember right now. I hope the plants do well!

Oh and my latest life idea is this: I think Clint and I should buy his dad's Winnebago and live in it. We could just go wherever there is film work to be had and see the country in the process! We could sell our cars (and most of our furniture and "stuff") and buy one small tow vehicle, and maybe eventually convert the motor of the RV to run off of used vegetable oil. I would seriously do it in a heartbeat, and I know of a family of four that did do it! Meet my girl crush, Sara Janssen, and her blog about their year of living on the road. I don't think Clint was too enthused about the idea, but I can't stop thinking about it even thought I know it's not very realistic.

Well, farewell for now. I'm off to bed so that I can function at work tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I would be able to fit everything in if I didn't have to work for pay, and maybe between growing all our own food and making all our own clothes we would save the money I make anyway!


Sharon Telschow said...

Way to sew! I'm sure your dress looked great. I love your Winnabego plan! You should think about how you can grow your own food on the road as well.

Caroline said...

I wish I had 1/10 of your energy! Will you share with me some fresh stuff from your garden? And make me a dress? :)

Becca said...


I think the dress sounds really interesting and probably super cute.

And if you do decide to live in the Winnebago I would be jealous forever. That's such a neat idea.