Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo Project Recap

Well, I've done a few projects about the apartment either without mention at all or just without pictures. I had access to a camera today, so here it is! (But first, I must give credit where credit is due. Clint took these amazing photos! He's such a natural.)

This is my rescue bonsai. It was half price for no reason I can see. I have wanted a bonsai for years and the opportunity finally presented itself! Plus, this is a ficus, which is an air purifier. I'm all about that.
I brought two of these chairs back from my short trip to Indiana a couple weeks ago. They belonged to my Grandma, but she doesn't need them all in her new apartment. Right now they're very old lady, but I love the detail on them and eventually want to paint and distress them somehow. Ideas anyone? I also desperately need to recover the cushions. I'm open to ideas on those too!
This is my other Granny piece of furniture. This used to be a hideous brass lamp table. (I really should start taking more "before" photos.) I don't think this picture does it justice, but now it's an awesome turquoise beauty! All it took was a can of spray paint and about 15 minutes. I still need to do something with the lampshade though. Again, any thoughts?
Here is a "before" photo! This is my awesome huge pallet that Clint got for me. One of my friends is going to do an amazing painting on it. As soon as I prep it, she's ready to paint! I'll be posting the finished product sometime in the near future.
I got that little shelf for my spices at the antique shop Sharon works at. It's perfect!
And finally, the little succulent garden I bought. It's too cute!


Sharon Telschow said...

Congratulations on the rescued bonsai. I love bonsais and have been secretly obsessed with them. They just mystify me.

Usually chair seats are screwed down from the bottom. You can probably just unscrew it and recover with a new fabric. Staple, re-screw and done. I believe designsponge might have how-to on distressing. I love the design by the way. Beautiful chairs.

Your lamp just totally needs a great pattern or design on its shade. Maybe something geometric or modern or what ever you have and is cheap. Maybe something Moroccan! You could probably just glue or stitch it in.

Shipping cool. I would love to grab a few myself and go to town in re-purposing them.

You totally pulled off that spice rack. I have to admit I questioned that purchase in my head a bit but you made it work. I'm totally have super drool envy on those storage jars and their organized glory!

Do you need new chick-n-hens for your succulent garden?

(longest comment ever!)

Maggard said...

Wow, I never saw this post. I love it all! I love that lamp! I love that spice rack... and when when when did you get ball jars?!?!??!?!

Caroline said...

I just saw this and I love it all too. Wow. I want to be this creative and organized.