Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Good Day

Started the morning off with a breakfast of buckwheat pancakes with local blueberries and honey. Yum. About to make some homemade lasagna for dinner.

Listening to the Mumford & Sons Pandora station. None of my neighbors are home, so I can play it as loud as I want :)

Later this afternoon Clint and I are traveling to Athens. Tomorrow we will get some things squared away at Emmanuel College, then we get to take a look at our new place in Hull, GA. We move two weeks from today!

Last night Clint did a 20 minute power yoga podcast with me. It was the highlight of my week - we had so much fun! Lots of laughter.

I only have five shifts left at Cutters Point. Enough said.

I get to fly to Indiana next month for my very good friend Danae's wedding. I am so happy and thankful that I get to be there for that. Traveling is NOT in our budget right now, but we were able to make an exception for this important event in the life of someone that's very special to me.

I found tons of farmers markets and CSAs near where we're going to be living. I can't wait for all that fresh produce and maybe even a work/trade agreement with a local farm . . .

Yoga is cheaper in Athens than in Savannah. I found a studio offering power yoga, prenatal yoga, and postnatal yoga within 20 minutes of our house.

One of the things Clint and I are most looking forward to about the move is that we'll be able to go to church together. Since he has worked for Savannah Christian we haven't been able to attend services together, and it's something we've been sorely missing. We're really hoping to be a part of a strong Christian community and to have some good friends there. Savannah has been very dry in that regard. We would appreciate your prayers in that area as well!


Becca said...

Aw, Lizzie I like these little bits and pieces of good things going on!

That is so exciting about Vintage Remedies. What a perfect job opportuity!

Caroline said...

So its not just me? Strong christian community is hard to find here!