Saturday, July 30, 2011


We are right in the middle of getting unpacked at our new place, which I absolutely love, so there's lots to tell you about there, but today I just wanted to take a quick minute to tell you about a really great website that Maggy shared with me called thredUP, a place to swap used baby/kids clothing online. Here's how it works: You browse through their list of boxes full of preloved kids clothes and toys that other parents have posted. Each box costs $5 + $10.95 USPS shipping (which is the one area where I think they could improve - shipping shouldn't cost that much). Once you place your order, your box is delivered to your doorstep in just a couple of days. Then you post your own box of preloved clothes/toys your child no longer uses. (thredUP provides you with the boxes for free.) When another member picks your box, you send it for free. There are all kinds of ways to earn credits on there too so that your boxes aren't quite as expensive.

I got my first box yesterday. There were three one piece pajamas/rompers, three long-sleeve onesies, a sleep sack (that was my favorite), four short-sleeve onesies, and four long-sleeve one piece outfits. The sender also threw in a cute cardboard book about sleep, three pairs of baby socks/slippers, and a couple tiny little hats as extras. So cute. My second box should come today. Then I can't order more until I have sent one. Pretty cool, huh?

I've told a lot of you about this website already, but if you want to sign up, please do through my referral link! I will get $5 credit for every person who signs up through it, and then you can get $5 credit for anyone who signs up through you. I'm wanting to get as much baby stuff used as possible, and this website seems to be a great way to do that!

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Maggard said...

My boxes were awesome! 5 happy heinys diapers in one and some REALLY cute clothes in the other!