Sunday, July 31, 2011

Culture Shock

Hull, Georgia
Population: 160
Area: 0.3 square miles

One of Clint's friends said he thought I was going to have culture shock moving from Savannah to Hull. I thought that was so funny because I grew up in a town with a population smaller than the church we were attending in Savannah and because this friend seemed to think Savannah was some big, high class metropolitan area or something. I was not one bit worried about any sort of culture shock in moving here, especially since we're only about ten minutes away from downtown Athens, but I am now questioning my confidence in the matter. On our way home from church today, Clint and I passed a truck hauling a pontoon boat that had been pulled over by a cop. They were both pulled over to the side of the road. Cop car lights on. Just looked like they had been stopped for speeding or something. No big deal. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until we got closer. Then we saw that the cop and the owners of the vehicle were chatting away, lounging in the shade of a nearby tree in some folding lawn chairs, right there on the side of the road by the flashing police lights and all. What more is there to say? What do you even ask about that? Clint and I just looked at each other with our mouths open and started laughing. Maybe his friend was onto something when he was worried about culture shock . . .


Kelly Hibbs said...

I have similar thoughts and concerns over Upland, IN, except I know exactly what I'm getting myself into :)

Lizzie said...

O yes, Upland seems to be about the northern equivalent to Hull!