Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Veggies Galore

I'm feeling more like a human again today (hooray!) but am still resting and taking care of my body as much as possible to send the remainder of this virus packing! I canceled all my plans one by one this week and just transferred them to next week, almost like this week didn't even exist. It's totally weird to be able to do that, and as difficult as it's been not to have a job, I'm thankful I've been able to rest and give my body adequate time to heal. Most people don't have that luxury. Today I filled my body with as much delicious, plant based nutrition as possible, and this was my lunch:

It's an open faced veggie "sandwiches" I threw together with leftover sauteed vegetables from my salad last night. The bread is raw sunflower sesame flatbread, topped with head lettuce, the veggies, and smothered with lemon tahini dressing. I'm sure most of you know that tahini is ground sesame seeds, or sesame butter, and that it's an important ingredient in hummus. I bet many of you didn't know that sesame seeds are high in protein, oil, iron, phosphorus, and B complex vitamins. (Make sure you only buy organic tahini though because icky chemicals are used in the processing of nonorganic.) It all added up to be a very nutritious, filling, and delicious lunch.

Dinner was another YumUniverse recipe: Vegan Chili with Gluten-Free Pasta, and it was another goodie. It's so filling and hardy that meat-lovers may not even notice that it's vegan. The only thing I would recommend is to use dried beans rather than the canned that the recipe calls for. Happy eating!

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Maggard said...

willing to give left big toe for those veggie sandwiches right now!