Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today is our three year wedding anniversary! I'm pretty sure I'm married to the most wonderful man on this planet, and I'm excited to share this special day with him. It has been an eventful three years. Most of which we don't have pictures from, but here are a few photo highlights.
Clint makes me laugh every day

See? Laughing all the time

Our trip to Cambodia was before our wedding, but close enough!

Trying to beat the self-timer setting on our camera :)

The last day of our honeymoon

Our trip to DC

In Fredericksburg, VA, for the premiere of Clint's film

Christmas 2010


Sharon Telschow said...

You too are too cute! I still think of your wedding ceremony and almost cry. The vows were my all time favorite.

Caroline said...

I'm so happy that you found THE ONE!

Maggard said...

I'm so with Sharon on the vows! And for the record... the last picture is by far the most amazing. I mean you look beautiful in your wedding photos, but this one captures the two of you PERFECTLY. Especially because you look a bit like a bird... and if not a lizard, you are definitely a bird.