Sunday, September 4, 2011


Last Thursday I met my long lost cousin Cami for breakfast at Ike & Jane. She lives pretty close to us and wanted to meet up to give me my baby shower gift, and what a gift it was! She gave me seven cloth diapers that she made by hand! (Check out the facebook page for the business she and another mom run selling handmade children's clothing and cloth diapers.) I knew I was getting these from her, and I was excited, but I didn't realize just how excited I really should have been. They are just as high quality as the other top dollar bumGenius and GroVia diapers I received at my shower, and they're extra cute on top of that. And since they're handmade, there is such a variety of color and pattern. But enough talk, just take a look at them and see for yourself!

The seven diapers in all their cuteness

I'm not typically an animal prints person, but a white diaper with zebra lining? Yes please!

Orange snaps and colorful whale lining - adorable!

There are so many reasons that cloth diapering is superior to disposables, and I'll write a separate post about that some other time, but aside from all the health, financial, and environmental benefits, there's no denying that cloth diapers are just plain cute and so much fun! After falling in love with these, I'm now determined to learn to make my own. Stay tuned for that adventure!


Maggard said...

LOVE that zebra one!! SO cute.

My October Sapphire said...

CUTE! Such an exciting gift!