Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sun Puff Bars

Have you ever tried sunbutter? It's sunflower seeds processed into a butter just like peanut or almond butter. I tried it for the first time today and am an instant a fan! Sunflower seeds are pretty cheap too, so that makes sunbutter all the better. I didn't have much use for just plain sunbutter though (although I'm imagining it now spread on fresh apple slices), so I did a little experimenting and came up with . . . sun puff bars!

First you have to process the seeds into a butter. It took forever because my processor kept overheating. If you're planning to make this yourself, it takes even longer to turn into a smooth butter than almonds, so plan accordingly.

Then I mixed in honey, a little leftover dried coconut, and a good bit of quinoa puffs and pressed the mixture into an 8x8 pan.

Next I dotted the top with dried tart cherries, one of my favorite foods ever! I thought about getting fancy with a dried cherry puree of sorts, but didn't want to have to wash the food processor first - I was hungry!

I stuck it in the fridge for about half an hour before enjoying my first sun puff bar - yum! Simple, healthy, and tasty, the perfect combination!

And, as a surprise, here's the baby bump at 22.5 weeks. I seem to have really popped out in the last couple weeks or so and can't disguise it much longer. There's definitely a baby in there! Clint even felt it move for the first time the other day. We're getting more and more excited!


Lacy said...


Awesome blog! and cute baby bump! I'm proud to know such a conscientious, self-motivated person! You really are amazing.

Maggard said...

Yep, your bump popped even in a week!

My October Sapphire said...

I can't believe you invented this! Impressed :)